Private offices are available to rent at the SGACC offices

Rental Price: $350/month (based on availability)

St. George Area Chamber of Commerce(SGACC) Office Lease Agreement

Overview of Benefits and Expectations:

  • All membership payments are due on a recurring monthly basis, on the first of each month. Your first month’s rent will be prorated if start date is not the first of the month.
  • Thirty (30) day cancellation notice required for all memberships.
  • The St. George Area Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to charge a $40 late fee and/or withhold services if payments are not received on time.
  • SGACC reserves the right to adjust rates and change membership plans with a thirty (30) day written notice to members.
  • The tenant will be provided one desk, one lateral file cabinet and one office chair as part of their lease agreement. If additional furniture is requested (desk, chairs, tables, etc.), it may be leased from the chamber of commerce on a month-to-month basis.
  • Hours of Use are 8AM-6PM on the following Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
  • If the tenant would like to use the space for 24-hour access, a $25 monthly surcharge will be added to cover the increased cost of utilities.
  • The tenant is entitled to use the conference room (up to 8 hours each month) and presentation room (up to 8 hours each month) at no additional charge. If use beyond this amount is requested, the tenant is granted “member pricing.” Rooms must be reserved through the SGACC Office Manager.
  • The tenant is allowed to store personal food in the downstairs fridge/freezer. The fridge/freezer is cleaned out at 3PM every Friday and any food not marked with a name/date will be thrown away.
  • The tenant is authorized to use other kitchen equipment, however the oven/stove in the downstairs kitchen is ONLY to be used for warming, not cooking.
  • The tenant is not entitled to a reserved parking space, however is welcome to park in the lower lot of the chamber parking area as space permits. The upper lot should be reserved for guest parking.
  • The tenant is entitled to reasonable use of the networked copy machine and will be assigned a unique copy code that is to be used when making copies.
  • Tenant is responsible to provide their own office equipment, including: electronic equipment, décor, basic office supplies, etc.
  • Tenant will be assigned a security passcode, exterior door key and interior door key. All keys must be returned to the SGACC upon termination of this agreement otherwise a $50 re-key fee will be assessed for each door. Tenant is responsible for arming the building if they are the last to leave for the day.
  • Tenant may use SGACC shared locked mailbox. The SGACC is not responsible for any lost or stolen mail.
  • Tenant may use SGACC Staff Wi-Fi or Ethernet as governed by the attached terms of use.
  • The 2020 based rate for a private office lease is $300.00 per month.