BLM welcomes input on draft plans to modernize management of Arizona recreation sites

May 15, 2024

Organization Bureau of Land Management Arizona Media Contact: Rachel Carnahan, Arizona Strip Public Affairs Specialist (435) 688-3303 Dolores Garcia, Colorado River District Acting Public Affairs Specialist (602) 417-9241 Chris Wonderly, Phoenix District Public Affairs Specialist (602) 867-5411 May 13, 2024 PHOENIX – The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is seeking public input on […]

BLM announces fire treatment to enhance the health and resiliency and desired vegetation conditions of lands near Mt. Logan and Mt. Trumbull

April 15, 2024

BLM announces that the High Meadow prescribed fire treatment will take place 75 miles south of St. George, Utah (between Mt. Logan and Mt. Trumbull along BLM Roads 1044, 1775, 1768). Depending upon conditions, the burns will begin mid April 2024 and last through May 2024 if weather and fuel conditions allow. This prescribed fire treatment will focus […]

Public invited to comment on renewal of ADOT, FHWA agreement for project environmental reviews

April 11, 2024

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Arizona Department of Transportation are proposing to renew an agreement through which ADOT assumes FHWA’s authority for approval of federal environmental review documents for proposed projects. A draft Memorandum of Understanding that would continue this agreement, known as NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) Assignment, has been posted to the Federal […]