Nomination Form Questions

Please gather the following information before completing the nomination form. Forms cannot be saved before submission.

A successful nomination is well-thought-out and carefully articulated. Please use specific stories, examples, and data to support your nominees’ achievements and highlighted characteristics. Numerous submissions do not increase the likelihood that a nominee will be chosen.  Quality over quantity. 

  1. Your Name, Job Title, Phone number, Email 
  2. Nominee’s Name, Phone Number, Email, Residing City
  3. Do you agree to be available and assist in having your nominee available, for a video and photoshoot during the week of February 8, 2022?
  4. What contributions has this woman made professionally and/or personally to the Washington County community?
  5. How has this woman excelled in her area of expertise? 
  6. What makes your nominee, exceptional? *”Excel in Her Element Prompts” are used as a thought exercise and not a requirement to describe your nominee. 

Judging Criteria


An applicants’ responses are evaluated on the following criteria. It is critical for applicants (nominators) to show, qualitative and quantitative, examples of how their nominee meets these criteria. Often high caliber nominees are overlooked because their nominator did not research or was not thoughtful in their application.  


The candidate has demonstrated significant involvement and influence over an extended period of time, within Washington county. This person has demonstrated exceptional commitment to the Washington area through their professional and personal endeavors. These women have launched businesses, created jobs, or are major influencers for change.


The candidate is a recognized expert, leader, and/or innovator within their professional industry. They are exemplary in their vocation. This can be identified by examples of their grit, unique solutions to problems, impressive discoveries, financial success, etc. The professional caliber of the candidate would rival others on a state, national, or international level. 


Success can be defined in many ways. This can be found in many different roles or occupations. We celebrate the diverse ways that women make their impact. It is the nominator’s responsibility to effectively describe how their nominee is improving the lives of others. The prompts are used to capture the plus factor beyond traditional definitions of success (career and status). A great nomination uses the prompts to dive deep into the unique characteristics that makes their nominee outstanding in their element. The prompts below or for convenience and are not required. They can help you identify how to to describe the excellence of the nominee more effectively. 

"Excel in Her Element" Prompts

The following questions are not required. These prompts can be used to stimulate thought and help nominators identify great and unique leaders within the community.

  • Is this woman a compassionate and caring humanitarian? What has she done?
  • Is this woman often in the background, wishing to be the unsung hero out of the spotlight? How is she able to bring about change?
  • Does this woman seek justice for all; eliminating pain, poverty and hunger? How does she achieve justice?
  • Is this woman a strategist who has taken an idea and turned it into a tangible solution? How did she do it?
  • Is this woman in technology, health, manufacturing or medical research? What is an example of her success?
  • Does this woman work in a traditionally male-dominated career? What challenges has she faced?
  • Is this woman a champion for human rights, not limited to gender, age, race, religion and/or sexuality? How does she champion?


  • This woman has gumption, spunk, and tenacity. Tell us why?
  • Is this woman a bulldog with lipstick? What does that mean and how does she exemplify that?
  • Is this woman fearless and unapologetic on her path to change? Describe how she does this?
  • This woman doesn’t care about status or correctness. How does she use this assertive attitude to make a difference?
  • Is this woman a boundary pusher on a path to righteous change? How do her convictions change the lives of others?
  • Does this woman inspire others to become stronger in their thirst for  knowledge? How does she do this?
  • Is this woman a champion for the health of those in her circle of care? What makes her stand out?
  • Does this woman practice and/or teach a higher level of wellness? How does this benefit her mentees?

Rules, Eligibility, Timeline

Rules & Eligibility

Complete the online application at

Nominator must submit a nomination form no later than January 21, 2022. Nominators may not be anonymous and must be available on February 8, 2022 for videography to support their nominee if they are chosen. We highly recommend that all nominations should be well thought out and articulated carefully. Please use examples to support the reason you have chosen your nominee. Often, the only way the selection committee has to select one nominee over another is through the nomination form. Quality over quantity. Please do not cut and paste from another nomination submission.

Nominees must submit the Element Recipient Form to be eligible (see form below) and be available for all prescheduled photoshoots, videography, and the Element Award grand event on March 31st. Attendance that evening is mandatory. The photoshoot and videography will be done on February 8, 2022. Both nominators and nominees should be available during this week.

To qualify, the Nominee must reside in the Washington County.

Finalists and winners are selected by a selection committee through several rounds of evaluation. Staff members of the St. George Chamber of Commerce do not participate in judging and will not have influence over the selection process. The selection committee select finalists and winners that best represent the criteria. All honorees are subject to a vetting process.

The nominee should not release any public announcements about being an honoree until the official release is published. This includes any press releases or social media posts.

Nominees are eligible for re-nomination in subsequent years, but nominators must submit a new Nomination Package and nominees must meet the current requirements for nomination. No nominee will be carried from one year to the next.



Jan. 14, 2022: Nomination Deadline
The St. George Area Chamber of Commerce seeks to honor women who are generating major social and economic contributions to the Washington County Area. They are extraordinary women who are in their element, doing what they do best and breaking down barriers. These women have launched businesses, created jobs, or are major influencers for change.

Mid-January: Review and Selection Process
Finalists and winners are selected by a panel of judges through several rounds of evaluation.

Late January: Notification to Recipients
Nominators and nominees will receive a notification email. Included will be the Element Recipient Form. The nominee responses will be used for the St. George Business Magazine, website, and other digital material.

Early February: Deadline for Completed Element Recipient Form
The Element Recipient Form is critical for our publicity pieces, marketing efforts and event recognition.

Feb. 8, 2022: Photo and Video Shoot
Nominators and nominees may be filmed and interviewed for a short video. This video will be shown on social media and at the Element Awards night. This is an opportunity to tell the awardees’ unique story to a larger audience and inspire others to reach for new heights. Please have this time period marked on your calendar as well as notify your nominee. It is critical that nominators and nominees make this date a priority as it is difficult to schedule multiple video sessions.

Mid February: Recipients Publicly Announced
On the 16, we will announce the recipients of the Element awards. We ask that you don’t release any public announcements about being an honoree until we issue the official release. This includes any press releases or social media posts. After the official announcement, please share and encourage others to attend.

March 31, 2022: The Element Awards event. St George Convention Center, Ballroom. Semi-Formal.