FutureReady Utah Launches in Southwest Utah – April 17, Utah Business Leaders Academy

FutureReady Utah is a five-year, 11-county collaborative effort to enhance southwest Utah’s workforce and economy. Supported by the Economic Development Administration (EDA), FutureReady Utah is supported by the region’s higher education institutions, chambers of commerce and economic development leaders. Training and outreach efforts engage rural communities to extend opportunity to underserved areas. 

What is FutureReady Utah? 

FutureReady Utah is a collaborative initiative to enhance southwest Utah’s workforce and economy. Supported by the Economic Development Administration (EDA), FutureReady Utah is led by Southern Utah University, Utah Tech University, and Snow College jointly and is supported by chambers of commerce and economic development leaders. 

The program offers free training, workforce development, and educational pathways for businesses and individuals. FutureReady Utah addresses post-pandemic workforce challenges identified through a research study conducted by SUU and Utah Tech, striving to ensure economic resilience and guided economic growth for the region. Monthly workshops and outreach efforts engage local experts and promote participation among employers and those interested in elevating their careers, including those traditionally underserved. 

What does FutureReady Utah Aim to Accomplish? 

  1. Provide free training to local employers for cultivating loyal teams and employee retention
  2. Develop short-term educational pathways to train and connect skilled employees with high-wage employers
  3. Designate FutureReady Utah Worksites as locations where employers are prepared to meet the demands of an evolving workforce and economy.  
  4. Provide business owners with free, personalized connection to resources for facilitating business growth and expansion to new markets 

3 Focus Areas

1. Business Leaders Academy

  • Become certified as a FutureReady Worksite to attract skilled employees
  • Learn strategies for building and retaining talent and loyal teams
  • Enjoy no-cost, personal attention and support

 2.Personalized Business Support

  • Personalized connection to business resources
  • Best practices for hiring, developing and retaining new generations of workers
  • Opportunities to grow your business and expand to new markets
  • FREE employee training program
  • Recognition 
  • Connection to skilled and ready employees

3.Regional Coordination Council 

  • Meets monthly in-person with Zoom option
  • Provides guided workforce and economic development strategy aligning with state’s focus sectors: Business Finance, Computer Tech, Healthcare, Aviation/Aeronautics, Advanced Manufacturing, Tourism
  • Informs higher education in areas of need and short-term workforce development
  • Strengthens cooperative leadership by engaging Utah Rural Leadership Academy and other local leadership academies 
  • Improves economic opportunities for underserved populations

Benefits to Southwest Utah Residents 

  1. Short-term certificate opportunities to qualify for high-wage jobs
  2. Professional skills training to meet specific needs of local employers
  3. Access to FutureReady certified employers’ job opportunities 

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