Young Professionals

Young Professionals offers access to top community leaders including our local mayors,  city councils, county commissioners, state & federal legislators, governor, lieutenant governor & AG.

We provide professional and personal development training, community service, and networking where meaningful relationships can be formed. It’s an organization to get excited about and involved in political issues that affect young professionals’ lives.

You can help change the course of a Young Professional’s life and the future of our community.

Our Mission

To equip Young Professionals with the tools needed to thrive in personal, civic, and professional development.

Our Vision

To set the framework to foster programs and individuals who will continue to impact our community for generations by personal growth, volunteering, and living well-balanced social and professional lives.

What We Do

  • Meet monthly one-on-one for lunches with civic and community leaders.
  • Facilitate easy access to leadership-level peers you can both mentor and learn from.
  • Seek unique opportunities to serve, such as non-profit volunteering and leadership committees.
  • Build meaningful and beneficial relationships through fun activities such as socials, game nights, networking luncheons, seminars, training sessions, panel discussions, 4-wheeling, biking, golf, company tours, and more.
  • Visit the State Capitol during the Legislative Session.

Network with Other Young Professionals in the Community

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